Dyed films are often considered to be the most basic and least costly type of film that is used. It is also important to note that dyed films are less effective in controlling solar heat gain because dyed films control heat by absorbing solar energy. After the film is “saturated” excess heat is released into the cabin area of the vehicle.

Additionally, the durability of the color in dyed films is not as good as metalized or nano-technology window films. Eventually, some of the dyes are destroyed by the constant bombardment of sunlight. Yes, tint on vehicles parked in the shade will degrade more slowly than vehicles that are constantly exposed to the sun’s rays.

This is a good choice for those who want tinted windows just for the cosmetic enhancement and do not plan on keeping their vehicles for long periods of time.


Hybrid and Metalized window films are very good at reducing heat and reflecting UV rays. However, they can be very shiny and can cause interference with radio, GPS , Tire pressure sensors and cell phone signals.

For automotive applications we offer Nano – Carbon & Nano – Ceramic films in replacement of hybrid and metalized window films, which are far more superior in comparison and are signal friendly!

For home and business applications these types of films are a good choice as they can offer more privacy due to the reflectiveness of the product.


Nano – Carbon and Nano – Ceramic films are at the top of the window tinting industry. Using modern nano – technology, These films provides the most protection from the suns rays while keeping your vehicle at a much cooler temperature even on the hottest summer days. This type of tinting film will be more expensive than other types of film but Perfect for anyone who desires the highest quality of tinting.

These films are extremely durable and scratch resistant compared to other films available on the market.
Unlike some of the lower quality films on the market, these films are made from the most durable material capable of enduring the harshest environments. Our Nano-Carbon & Nano-Ceramic films are 100% dye free and 100% metal free so it will never de-metalize nor fade over time from exposure of the sun’s rays.

If you plan on keeping your vehicle for long periods of time or the main objective of having your windows tinted is to block extremely high levels of heat, then these films are the choice for you.